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Impressions meet the body and get processed by the body. Expressions of the body tell what has been experienced, therefore movements tell about imprints. The body is a moving experience
— inspired by Trude Cone

 Dance, composition and motion are the main pillars on my life trajectory, growing up in between cultures, experiencing a mixture of philosophies and languages. Besides knowing many means of communicating, the strongest and truest medium I felt possible to express through was my own body. Movement, as other art forms, could express the grey areas of humanity, which could not be expressed elsewhere.

 As a contemporary dancer I am keen on exploring different movement styles and performing techniques. I love to work across the art forms and to be involved in interdisciplinary projects. Along with my passion of performing, my wish is to collaborate, to be in exchange with other artists as with musicians or visual artists, in order to expand the vision of creation through the medium of dance.

 As an investigated mover, I have been interested also in the underlying patterns of motion and therefore I studied deeper into Reflexology, Embryology and lately mainly Rolfing, which enrich my performance and my teaching. I see movement as a necessity and as a basic form of a living being. Finding the beauty of leading others through bodily experience, my goal as a dance/movement teacher and Rolfer is to help others use their own body with alertness and efficiency, within ease in an awakened mind.

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