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2017 - Interview The Heroine's Journey Blog: The Heroine's Journey 

2017 - Reviews about performance '3 is a crowd' by Sanne Clifford:
3 is a crowd Theaterkrant Dutch News ****
3 is a crowd Usc di Ladins News, click here for translation

2016 - Review in German about performance '7seconds' by Fabric Azzurro: Sieben Sekunden

2015 - Review in Ladin about performance 'Geomorphosis' by Animu Dance: Geomorphosis 

2015 - Portrait in German by Markus Larcher: Die Forschende 

2015 - Portrait in the Paladina ladinian News:

2015 - Article in Ladin about the solo performance Esperiënzes: La Usc Tessmann

2014 - Article in Italian about 'Into another body' by Animu Dance: Ammuntinamenti

2013 - Article and news about the performance 'Liebertá' by Martina Marini: La usc di ladins

2013 - Portrait, an artist interview for the FRANZ-magazine: Behind dance

2013 - Portrait, an interview in the women magazine Ghana: Anastasia Kostner

2012 - Review about the solo performance 'Instinctive Melody' by Keren'or Pezard
Hannoversche Presse ****
Hannoversche Allgemeine

2012 - Articles about the performances Tanz und Orgel:

2011 - Articles about performance 'Aria' by Martina Marini
Alps Move Lana
Fredeweß Hannover
Hannover Neue Presse ****

2011 - Reviews in English about the performance 'Heart of Ice' by Keren'or Pezard:
Heart of ice
Evolution Heart of Ice
Evolution London

2011 - Press about the contemporary dance festival Tanzsprint:
TanzSprint 11
TanzSprint 12

2010 - News of the performance Contact meets Anastasia Kostner: