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During the formation as a dancer, I loved making people around me interact with each other, and especially also with themselves, through the medium of dance. First strived by an innate interest for movement and spatial composition, then finally developing knowledge about movement further by integrating research about somatic and psychological approaches into the work.

Recently, research has brought me into neurology and the state of 'flow', because of an investigation around the ways of teaching, which can foster well-balanced bodies and innovative individuals. This research is mirrored in the teaching style. Combined with seeking for understanding the function of movement essentials, such as especially Rolfing, but also Alexander Technique, Yoga and Body Mind Centring, it gives me a rich and striving path to follow upon.

In this chapter you find workshops which have been designed and taught so far. Some of them are meant for professional dancers, others are open to all levels: for musicians, youth groups or people with special needs. 


'Anastasia is a great teacher with a warm energy and a profound understanding of the body. Her classes benefit from her background in different movement systems, which becomes clear as she communicates what exercises should feel like, and not just what they should look like. Furthermore, she establishes a great environment where people are encouraged to push their boundaries while respecting their body.' Boukje


'Especially her focus on grounding, and alignment are really helpful. Her lessons are challenging but not too heavy, which helps me to both 'work' and relax. I think she is a kind and engaging person. For me her lessons take me out of my head for a while and into my body.' Krista, body movement class


'Each lesson with Anastasia helps you to forget your day and focus on your body and breath. The movements are in a good flow and at the end of the class i'm relaxed and happy that she always motivates me to go just a bit further.' Nynke, body movement class


'Anastasia is a great teacher and her classes really helped me to be more confident about myself and what my body can do. She is very patient and supportive and creates an environment in which it is OK to just give things a try without immediately succeeding. Even though I sometimes had the feeling that some positions are impossible, she stimulated me to try and I always performed better than I initially thought. I really noticed I made progress during the classes. Especially because I do not consider myself a very flexible or athletic person, it was a real eye opener that I can also do it. I enjoy the classes very much and it is a good way to clear my head and start off my week.' Kim, rolfing yoga class