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What is it?

Rolfing SI is a  body-oriented method developed by Dr. Ida Rolf that enhances and eases body movements, restores postural balance and encourages a sense of  physical well-being.  It does this by aligning and integrating the structure of the body with the force of gravity.

Rolfing® will lead an individual to discover a more efficient posture, and how to feel 'centered' along a flexible and adaptable axis. Rolfing will enhance an easeful alignment and improve agility.


How does it work?

10 sessions
Rolfing uses connective tissue manipulation along with movement and perceptual coordination education to achieve results. The traditional process evolves within 10 session with your Rolfer, who works with you on a massage table. One Rolfing session of 85 Euro incl. VAT takes between 60 and 90 minutes. 

Movement sessions
Along with the ten sessions, there are also movement sessions, where you can more specifically address specific movement patterns or exercises which can benefit your personal needs. Movement sessions for 60 Euro incl. VAT take between 45 and 60 minutes. Movement sessions will be availeable soon.


Seminars, Classes


who is it for?

  1. Letting go of habits
    Our bodies reflect our stories, traumas, view of the world, cultural and physical habits. By using the Rolfing method, we can overcome our limitations. Our perception of the world becomes more holistic and we feel more confident and connected.

  2. Chronic pain
    If you suffer from chronic pain, long term injuries or postural issues, Rolfing is a very good tool to help the body reorganise. Long term chronic issues can be resolved. Positive outcomes have shown with neck- and back problems, sciatica, RSI, plantar fasciitis, migraine, shin splints, fibromyalgia, to mention a few. The body becomes lighter, calmer and balanced in its posture.

  3. Wellbeing
    If you look for long-term postural improvements in order to generate a serene reorganisation of the body and mind, if you seek for having more energy in daily life, Rolfing sessions enhance flexibility, mobility and promote physical balance.


About your practitioner

Since beginning my dance and movement studies I have been intrigued with underlying movement patterns, dance&health, which brought me to Rolfing. Rolfing SI did not only support my physical wellbeing and growth in my artistic process, it also helped me as a human. Now I want to contribute to the wellbeing of the human community. I am happy to help anyone who wants to improve their performance, as well as people with strain, fatigue or chronic pain seeking for support. Contact me for questions or requests via the form below!

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