Performer Dancer Contemporary Movment Styles

Following details look into my dance, performance and stage experience. 

WRITING THE MOUNTAINS at Biennale Gherdëina in a performance by Mathilde Rosier 2018.

DRY ROOM by Eldarin Yeong Studio, performed at Fringe Festival Brighton and The Old Fire Station in Oxford 2018.

3 IS A CROWD is a site-specific dance performance initiated by Sanne Clifford. It was first performed in March 2017 at the CaféTheaterFestival in Utrecht and further performed 2017-2018 at the Oostbloktheater in Amsterdam, the Vuurol Festival, Fringe (NL), and Salone Bruneck (IT), amongst others.

Concept & choreography by Sanne Clifford / Dance & co-creation: Hayley Adams, Sanne Clifford & Anastasia Kostner / Music: Amir Swaab / Dramaturgy & coaching: Jordi Ribot Thunnissen.
For a review click here for Theaterkrant (NL),
here for Usc di Ladies (IT) and it's translation here.

Photo credit: Sjoerd Derine

SEVEN SECONDS is a dance theatre piece, a collaboration between Fabrik Azzurro and Martina Marini on texts from German author Falk Richter. It was performed in several theatres of Northern Italy, and in Austria between 2016 and 2017.

Direction by Thorsten Schilling / Choreography Martina Marini and the dancers / Dance: Riccardo Meneghini and Anastasia Kostner / Acting: Eva Kuen & Peter Schorn & Christoph Stoll / Stage Design, Music, Video: Zita Pichler, Gregor Marini / Video software: Maarten van der Glas. For a review click here.

Photo credit: Fabrik Azzurro

MURIKAMIFICATION by Erik S Kaiel, performed at the Aalst Theater Festival in Belgium, in August 2016.

TIME LEAPS / ZEITSPRÜNGE is produced by IDEA Tanztheaterperformance with the Choreography of Gabriella Maiorino. By looking at the question of aging, decay and how society deals with it, the performance takes you into a world of strong images and situations.

Choreography: Gabriella Maiorino / Music: Giovanni Cavalcoli /  Lights: Carlo Quartararo / Dance with Francesco Barba, Doris Plankl, Mariatullia Pedrotti, Josu Lezameta, Julian Burchia / Costumes: Sarah Burchia. Premiered at Alps Move Festival 2015; Performed in November 2015 at La Fundicion in Bilbao, Spain, and StalkerTeatro in March 2016 in Torino (IT).
For a review click here.

Photo by Maarten van der Glas

LIEBERTÁ is an evening filling piece by Martina Marini, in collaboration with the DJ Raffael Virgadaula on the topic of freedom, love and the interrelation between both. Through the dancing journey of the character in interplay with the music and the DJ himself, this very universal topic is addressed in various ways. Interviews of local people show the cultural meaning of the words. It was performed at the 'Circolo' in Ortisei in November 2014 (IT).

Photo by Maruizio Giannone

ENTRÉE is a collection of five different sight specific performances. The dance collective Alps Move created these performances around the question of what it means to be a dancer, a performer, or the audience. Under the direction of Mariatullia Pedrotti, these evenings were performed in the frame of the Bolzano Danza Festival 2014 (IT).

Photo: Bolzano Danza

WIE ES IST is an intergenerational piece by Doris Plankl, which includes female performers of different ages: the theatre group ANTIK with five older women, a mother with her baby and one dancer. The performance premiered at the 'Internationales Seniorentheaterfestival 2014' in Klausen (IT) and was further presented in Kammgarn in Hard (AT) and at the Alps Move Festival (IT).

Photo by Maurizio Giannone

GEOGRAPHIE is a sight specific performance by Les Gents D'Uterpan, performed in frame of the festival TransArt 2013 at the Museion in Bolzano, Italy. The dense creation process gave birth to a structure consisting of white walls, where the dancers performed within, showing their dancing presence through their sounds emerging from the walls. 

Photo: Transart

TRESSE is an interactive installation by the Belgian artist Thierry De Mey which got presented in the frame of Bolzao Danza Festival 2013 in Italy. Together with Evelyn Petruzzino and Vlastimiel Victora we performed on the colourful tracks and invited audience to play within the patterns.

Photo: Bolzano Danza

27th CHARACTER is the evening filling dance performance of the 10th anniversary of the choreographer Minke Elisa Brands. Together with the dancers Djurre Brower and Gabor Finta, the piece got performed 2013 at Theater Kikker in Utrecht and parts of it got shown at Sommerwerft, Het Lab, and at the KuuB in Utrecht. Han Otten created the musical score and Morgana Machado created the background animation.

Photo by Maria Stijger Aramburu

VEDE PIU UN... is a sight specific performance of the company Aldes in collaboration with the dancer's collective Alps Move.

In the frame of the festival Bolzano Danza in July 2012, Roberto Castello created a moving pathway through the woods with story telling characters. From young to old, different life stages and interpretations were forming the spectacle.

Photo: Bolzano Danza

THE CHOIR PROJECT with Matteo Fargion and Jonathan Burrows at the Independent Dance London, December 2011 (UK).

ARIA is a 20 minute solo, created by the choreographer Martina Marini in the frame of a trilogy called 'All in one – Bach, Goldbergvariationen', organized by the company Fredeweß in Hannover. Inspiration for the dance came from the music of Bach. A choreography in three parts resulted from it.

It was performed in 2011 at Tanzhaus am Arlberg-Viertel in Hannover and AlpsMove 2011 in Lana. Sounddesign by Sonorus a.d.. To read some of the reviews klick here and/or here.

Photo by Christian Burkert

No. 3 DRY SIGH is the third dance poem of the collection 'ROOMS OF OUR HIDDEN GEOMETRIES' by choreographer Keren'or Pezard, Maaikor Dance Company.

The 20 minute duet was build upon the experience of the choreographer's excursion to the desert. Time, space and temperature gave strong impressions to compose this piece, danced with Roberto De Gregory. It was performed in CND center in Paris and the 'Resolution Festival' at The Place in London in 2010.

Photo: Ludovic des Cognets

6 MINUTES BEFORE is a 20 minute dance piece about mutation, extraordinary living conditions and distorted bodies by divo company. The choreographer Olga Maselinikowa won the Michelle Simone price with this piece as an outstanding choreography at Laban Contemporary Dance School in London. Between 2009 and 2010, 6 MINUTES BEFORE was performed at Laban Theatre, Resolution Festival at The Place in London and at the Reverie Festival in Ghent in Belgium / Danced with Guiomar Campos and Yukiko Masui.

Photo: Olga Maselinikowa

DELADANSE by Originally Fake performed at the opening of the NoordZuidLijn in Amsterdam 2018.

PANTA RHEI by Tanzschmiede / Fucina Danza talks about death and different approaches to it with different solos in different rooms of a villa. Choreographed by Martina Marini, the piece was premiered at Alps Move 2017 (IT).

Photo credit: Christian Martinelli

ZINGENDE BEELDEN is a project by Cultuur 19, commissioning choreographer Minke Elisa Brands, who got inspired by fairy tales,  to create an outdoor experience for all ages.

The first edition premiered in June 2015 at Maxima Park in Utrecht (NL) in June 2015 and an excerpt was performed again at Leidsche Reijn Festival in July 2015.
The second edition premiered in June 2017 at Maxima Park in Utrecht (NL) and was further performed at the Campus Festival 2017 (NL).
The third edition premiered in January 2018 at Podium Castellum Hoge Woerd and was further performed at the Maxima Park in Utrecht (NL).

Photo:  Johan G. Hahn, Arno Peters

MI by Irma de Vries: a sight specific performance on the art work 'MI'.
Performed during August 2016 at the Moco Museum Amsterdam (NL).

GENDER PLAY by Martina Marini is a duet between a male and a female dancer. The roles of gender are questioned, researched and exchanged. Premiered and and commissioned by the Oriente Occidente Festival 2015 in Rovereto (IT) and further performed a the Alps Move Festival during 2016.

Choreography: Martina Marini and the dancers / Dance: David Bauer, Anastasia Kostner / Light design: Carlo Quartararo.

Photo by Maarten van der Glas

UNCANNEY VALLEY by Evelin Stadler in collaboration with Ensemble Phormix merges musicians and dancers on stage using music of John Cage, Luigi Nono and contemporary composers. It premiered in Kassel at Körperstürme Festival in May 2016 and was performed further at the Europäische Krichenmusikfestival in Schwäbisch Gmündt (DE) and the Alps Move Festival (IT).

Photo: Ewald Kontschieder

PARADE PADEN  is a production by BNG 'Flevoland, Nord-Holland, Utrecht' 2014 in the Netherlands. This  interdisciplinary collaboration tells a story about a grandma and her grandson, cleverly built by the choreographer Minke Elisa Brands. Music composer Maurits Overdulve / Visual artists Nanette Smeets & Maria Stijger / Music developer Thijs Koerselman. It premiered in 2014 and was further performed in 2016 and 2018. 

Photo: Maria Stijger

SEHNSUCHT is an evening filling piece by Martina Marini, which looks at the german word 'Sehnsucht' (the syndrome of elsewhere) through dance, music and theatre. An excerpt of the piece won the third price at the 'Danzé' competition at the 'Oriente Occidente' festival in Rovereto. The piece premiered at the 'Alps Move Festival for contemporary dance 2014' in Italy.

Photo: Holger Merz

HA PASADO UN ANGÉL is a 20 minute trio between Josu Lezameta, myself and the tuba player Martin Schramm, which talks about the moment when the overwhelming unexplainable feeling, that we are alive and collectively connected, appears. It was performed at the Alps Move Festival 2013 in Lana (I) and the OT301 in Amsterdam where it got shortly supervised by the choreographer Gabriella Maiorino.

Photo: Maarten van der Glas

LA DONNA PIANTATA is the recreation of the solo by Martina Marini, which she translated into a piece for nine women. It talks about the woman, which has to deal with loss of her husbands and her sons because of war.The evening filling performance was performed in the frame of Alps Move 2013.

Photo: Holger Merz

PATCHWORKBODIES was initiated by the Choreographer Martina Marini and took as inspiration the paintings of the artist Sabine Auer, which show women with disproportioned, sewed open and stitched together body parts. With these pictures Martina Marini created solos with her dancers, upon whom the composer Manuela Kerer created the sounds and the video maker Maarten Van der Glas created videos. Patchwork bodies got presented between 2012 and 2013 at Alps Move, the ES contemporary art gallery, the Frauenmuseum in Meran, Cinedans at CaDans Festival in Den Haag. It won the third prize at the Danzé competition at Oriente Occidente Festival 2013 in Rovereto, Italy.

Photo: Maarten van der Glas

INSTINCTIVE MELODY is a 20 minute solo created by the choreographer Keren'or Pezard for the production 'All in one - Gershwin, Rhapsodie in Blue', which was initiated by the company Fredeweß, Hannover. There the premier took place in April 2012.

Dramaturgy by Sidi Mohammed / Musical composition by Keren'or Pezard. To see two reviews about the performance, click here and here.

Photo: Janko Woltersmann

No. 6 HEART OF ICE is part of a bigger collection of dance works by Maaikor Dance Company under the direction of Keren'or Pezard, called 'ROOMS OF OUR HIDDEN GEOMETRIES', a collection of dance poems, which can be performed individually or together. 

HEART OF ICE is a 10-minute dance solo, which got inspiration from the spirit of expeditors putting themselves into extremely rough living conditions. Result was an ongoing act of joy with spiraling, jumping, twisting, falling on a forty-voice Renaissance motet by Tomas Tallis. 

It was performed in 2011 in Evolution 2011 at The Place in London, The Gulbekian Theatre in Canterbury (UK), Sommerwerft 2011 in Frankfurt (DE).

Photo by Keren'or Pezard

We accompany the dancer in her elongated rond de jambes as if we were witnessing some kind of rebirth. Oblivious to the reason of the sudden moment of self-realization, when the cold lighting contrasts with the dancer’s warmth, she captivated us in a magical instant of heart- stopping acting.
— Resolution Review about Maaikor piece ‘Heart of ice’, Marina Ribera (UK)

No. 2 SPIRAL OF THE INNER SPACE is a quartet by Keren'or Pezard. Her research as a choreographer with background in fine art led to her second dance poem, which got the Michelle Simone choreography price at Laban Contemporary Dance School in London in 2009.

Beethoven's string quartet gave the score for a dance about memories, about hidden parts of our selves. Danced with Guiomar Campos, Simon Wehrli and Eftihia Panagopulu.

Photo: Ludovic des Cognets

WHAT IS YOUR..? Is an interactive choreography by Shana Simmons, which explores the individual, social comfort zones and it's borders. Not only the dancers get to experience different states, but also the audience is invited to participate to a clever and creative happening. It was performed at Reverie Festival in Ghent in 2009.

Choreography: Shana Simmons / Dance with Hannah Chadwick and Shana Simmons / Music arrangement: James Bulley.
For a review click here.

Photo: Shana Simmons Reverie Festival

AUTHORSHIP PROJECT, a meeting between the choreographers Robert Steijn, Rose Breuss and Doris Stelzer, Vienna 2008 (AT).