One with Gravity



Classes/Workshop for musicians and music teachers to find a body-friendly approach in their practice and daily lives.

The workshop facilitates:

  • how to encourage a daily self awareness practice

  • tools to help chronic posture difficulties by looking at how gravity falls

  • easy exercises to use and to transmit to colleagues/students

  • an understanding of the physical mechanics and how use them in a healthy way

  • re-balance, expand the proprioception of the own felt sense

  • one-to one sessions for custom-used support

How can I use the law of gravity to facilitate balanced movement? In this workshop I use my knowledge as a Rolfer/Structural Integrator to talk about the principles of connective-tissue in movement. The workshop enhances your body wisdom, which can avoid chronic pain development, as well as better your performance ability.

At the moment, this workshop is offered at:

Academy Bruneck
Musikschule Südtirol

For more information and requests, please contact: