curriculum teaching

Curriculum Teaching

2017, 2018 August

'One with gravity' seminar for Musicians at Academy Cordia and Musikschulen Südtirol (IT)

2018, July

'Fascia Masterclass' at Yagoy, Yin Yoga Teacher Training (NL)

2015, December-ff

'RADION YOGA body movement' weekly classes at 'Broedplaats Acta' in Amsterdam (NL)

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

'Contemporary Dance'  and 'Ballet' lessons at Progressive Dance in Bolzano (IT) and Dans Atelier 42 (NL)

2015, November

'Rolfing in Dancing Practice' workshop by Young Blood Initiative at Bart Invites Amsterdam (NL)

2014, May

'Inter-connected moving' at 'TanzSprint14', contemporary dance workshop around Rolfing, Frankfurt (DE)

2013, August -2012 August

‘Dancing in flow’ contemporary dance and performance for young people at ‘Klavier – und Streicherwerkstatt Brixen’, Kassianeum Brixen (IT)

2013, July

‘Movement Flow’ at ‘TanzSprint13’ contemporary dance workshop around connective tissue, Frankfurt (DE)


2013 May - 2012, May/October -  2011 October

‘Into Dance’ seminar about the term effort as a terminology in contemporary dance, for music students of the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

2012, July

 ‘Flying Flow’ at ‘TanzSprint12’ contemporary dance workshop, Frankfurt (DE)

2012-11, December-January

‘Somatic and Creative Movement’ in collaboration with Junyeon Kim, at ‘Trust Company Studio Space’ in Seoul (Korea)

2011, December

Intensive Workshop Into Dance’ in collaboration with Junyeon Kim, at Corea National University of Arts, Seoul (Korea)

2011, July

‘Bang! This is real!’, START Sommerakademie, in collaboration with Jungyeon Kim and Erica Charalambous, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

2011, July

Young artists’, teaching the with the research principle of ‘dancing in flow’ at Sommerwoche, Bressanone (IT)

2011, July

Flying Flow’ at ‚TanzSprint11’, in collaboration with Siri Clinckspoor, contemporary dance workshop series, Frankfurt (DE)

2011, June

Tanzen im Flow’, Tanzlabor Professional Training, Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

2011, May

Tanzen im Flow’ in, Erlebnis Musik’ dance teaching in schools, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

2011, February-June

Tanzen im Flow’ teaching the Bachelor students in Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main (DE)


 ’Movement for people’, contemporary dance for professors and students at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

2010, July

‘Diving’at ‘TanzSprint10’, contemporary dance workshop series, Frankfurt (DE)

2010, May

dance in schools at ‚Erlebnis Musik’, in collaboration with Jungyeon Kim, Frankfurt (DE)

2010, May

Dancing to connect’, collaborating with dance artists of ‘Battery Dance Company’ and ‘Drastic Action’, dance project in schools, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

2010, April

Choreology, Contemporary, Creation’, co-teaching with Ogla Maselinikowa and Yukiko Masui, ‘Reverie Festival’, Ghent (BE)

2010, August - 2009, August

Tanz und Bewegung’ in ’Klavier- und Streicherwerkstatt’, Kassianeum Brixen (IT)

2009, July

 Tanz in Sportwoche Eggen, Eggen (IT)

2009, April

‘I like to move it move it’, assistant teacher for ‘Dance Ability’, Alito Alessi, Linz 09 Kulturhauptstadt Europa, Linz (AT)

2008, November-December

assistant teacher for creative dance at inclusive youth group ‘Magpie Dance’, London

2008, September

 teaching contemporary dance at workshop ‘Tanz und junge Tänzer’, Linz (AT)

2008, August

creative dance at summer-children’s garden ‘Pavël’, Ortisei (IT)

2007, October

assistant teacher in music school Hellmonsödt (AT), with Hannes Donabauer


teaching ballet and contemporary dance classes in ‘Perform Dance’, Linz

2006, July-August

project with ice-skaters, teaching ballet and contemporary dance, Ortisei (IT)

2005, June

dance and gestures for children songs, music workshop with KMD Prof. Rolf Schweizer, Freiamt (DE)