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PERFORMANCE _ 'Re-imagining piano' was designed for an audience who wants to experience classical music in a different setting. A performance with live music, live visuals and dance create a 'Gesamtkunstwerk', a world of experiences tackling all the senses. The first pilot was initiated by pianist Katharina Thöni and performed at Bloomsbury Festival in London, from where it then took form in different locations and settings. It was furthermore commissioned by: Jeunesse Gherdëina (IT) in February 2015 and performed further under the production of pianist Belle Chen at the Royal Academy of Music Piano Festival 2016 and the Bloomsbury Festival in London 2017.

Live visual art: Maarten van der Glas / Piano: Belle Chen, Katharina Thöni, Eva Vinatzer / Dance: Takeshi Matsumoto, Anastasia Kostner / Visual input: Annlin Caho, Emily Nelson / Sound design: Bas Gebbing, Timothy Tate, Live electronica: Ian Chambers, Dougal Lott

Latest Performance, production Belle Chen: MADEMOISELLE

Photo: Athos, visuals Annlin Caho

Video of rehearsal: Maarten van der Glas with visuals by Maarten van der Glas

Excerpt of ‘Mademoiselle’


PERFORMANCE_ 'Tanz und Orgel' is a chain of several performances, which search beyond the place and music. Organ: Constanze Schweizer Elser, Margareta Hürholz, Wakako Yamanaga, Christian Rose, Ralf Stiewe / Performed in: Selb, Pforzheim, Stadthagen, Schwerte, Kelkheim, Ahlen, Menden, Hagen, Gießen, Iserlohn (DE). To read a review click here for Stadthagen, klick here for Menden.

Photo: Hanke SN


FILM_ The collaboration with the pianist Belle Chen started in 2012 at the Bloomsbury festival in London. Two dance films together with Maarten van der Glas: 'Ravel in Merano' and 'Bridge', were created in the following year. 'Ravel in Merano' was screened at the 'Royal academy of music' festival, London, 2014. 'Valse triste' was the next film created, in collaboration with dancer Takeshi Matsumoto.

Photo: Maarten van der Glas


PERFORMANCE_ A research of gravity gave 'SCHWER WIE EIN-STEIN' its form. Of interest was the kinetic chain of movement that arises, once we let the weight of the head guide. The piece talks about interdependency, waiting and expectations, humor and play. Developed in collaboration with Jungyeon Kim, it was performed at Alps Move 2011 in Lana (I) and Sommerwerft 2011 in Frankfurt am Main (DE).

Photo: Michael Jekel

Contact meets AK

PERFORMANCE_ Together with conTakt percussion group, a repertoire of contemporary musical pieces (as for example ‘Trio per uno’ by Zivkovic) and improvisations were designed, which made the interplay between music and dance visible. It was performed 2010 at: Jeunesse Festival, Val Gardena.

Photo: Christian Miglioranza

News excerpt of the performance


PERFOMANCE_ 'Now' is a sight specific dance performance. It is a practice, using instant composition, contact improvisation to engage with the architecture and the people of the performance location. In collaboration with Riccardo Meneghini, this project was lounged by IDEAtanztheaterperformance (Doris Plankl) and performed at HAP Bolzano and the Alps Move festival in Italy in 2017.

Alice syndrome

PERFORMANCE_ 'The Alice Syndrome' is a neurological condition that affects perception. Shapes become distorted.The performance takes Lewis Carroll and Alice as its protagonists and offers a collage of dance, theatre, poetry and film. With: Riva Godfried, Judigor Zimmerman Gor, Marieke Helmus, Leah Jacob, Maarten Van Der Glas. Under the supervision of Ammy Kuiper, supported by: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Stichting Stokroos. Premiered at Radion Amsterdam (NL) in 2017.

Photo: Dipa de Floor

Trailer Alice Syndrome


SMOke and mirrors

PERFORMANCE_ As part of the 'Young Blood Initiative' in Amsterdam a solo was made in collaboration with artist Maarten van der Glas. Smoke and mirrors looks at hiding and showing. When being mislead, how can we know what is the truth? It was performed 2016 at the Bart gallery and the Radion Bovenkamer in Amsterdam (NL).

Photo: Theo van Loon


FILM_ After first trials at the dunes in the Netherlands, on roofs of London and in the roads of Paris (dance film 'A'part a Paris'), Maarten van der Glas created a complex concept of pixilation, out of which resulted the dance movie 'Icosahedronic'. It was screened at the 'Dance Camera West' dance film festival in Los Angeles (US) in 2014.

Photo: Maarten van der Glas


IMPROVISATION PERFORMANCE_ in the frame of Tagung Tanzwelten 2011, Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung, Theater Mollerhaus, Darmstadt (DE).


PERFORMANCE_ Fractals has been the second work of the collective 20Finch House (the first performance was named after the collective), consisting of Simon Wehrli, Guiomar Campos and myself. ‘Fractals’ was performed at Canterbury Festival in London and at Alps Move Festival in Italy in 2010. Artistic collaborator: Keren’or Pezard / Music: Tomas Tallis ‘In time of’.

Photo: Samuel Runggaldier

Spatial counterpoint

IMPROVISATION PERFORMANCE_ in the frame of TAMED Tanzmedizin Symposium 2010, Frankfurt am Main (DE).

I love to collaborate within the dance discipline but also the art of combining different disciplines. Loads of my past collaborations are with musicians and visual artists. While collaborating, one of my specialities and favourites became also to use my dancing skills in the music field, for camera work or dance in different settings. If for foto shoots (Maria Stijger (NL) ), or posing for sculptures (Peter Demez (IT) ), I enjoy doing also video work (Helene Kocken (NL), Marble TV (NL), Maarten van der Glas (NL) ), as well as sight specific work, as for example for Irma de Vries (NL). Especially using my knowledge about dance, improvisation, composition and physical theatre, I found a new passion for acting and embodying roles.