Barefeet Stars



for young people with special needs

Teenagers with different abilities come together to create a dance performance. The process enables them to express themselves in a safe environment and make meaningful interactions with each other. The performance making process will entail individual contribution as well as collaborative group activities, connecting people with different abilities beyond the preconceived notion of who they are and what they can achieve.

Inspiration for this work came from my experience with the Magpie Contemporary Youth Dance Company in London, from the 'Dancing to connect' project by Jonathan Hollander of Battery Dance Company New York and an amazing teacher, the founder of 'danceability', Alito Alessi.

The pilot project started 25th-26th of February 2012, supported by HanicapAid in Frankfurt am Main (D). Now, the project continues on a monthly base, led by Jungyeon Kim and Hannah Dewor in Frankfurt am Main under the name of Barefeet Ensemble.