Bang! This is real!


-Mein Körper, Ich und meine Identität-


for youth emerging into dance and composition

Enabling young people to have a first contact with contemporary dance, gathering for one week or two in order to interact with each other, enabling them to make their own dance performance. Throughout the week they encounter how to build an own creative body language, physical acting, story-making, set designing, compositional games, drawing and directing. Taking part in these activities, not only a glimpse of contemporary performing arts is transmitted, but also the involvement as an active member in a dynamic dance-making process. This is the place and the opportunity to discover the joy of freedom and the challenge of a colourful co-existence.

Pilot project was lounched in July 2011 at HFMDK, Frankfurt am Main, facilitated with Erica Charalambous and Jungyeon Kim and funded by Start Stiftung and Crespo Foundation (D).

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